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The classroom is a warm and inviting space where children of all ages will feel at home. Outside, you can choose a book to take home from the suitcase lending library (and leave a book too if you want!) then enter the workspace – the wool tent is welcoming some to play inside, while the tiered shelving has intriguing things to investigate. The old wooden kitchen table always has fabulous building and imaginary items to play with while the steel science table is for magnetic things and other cool science stuff. A sensory table (most popular so far) boasts unique things to feel and explore every day. Remove your shoes and jump into the pillow filled reading room, ready to be delighted with extraordinary children’s literature. We will read and talk, think and discuss.

Back in the workspace, all are invited to participate in a project – some individual, some group oriented, some messy, some not, most with cool and unique materials, all valued for the process.

Nature Exploration
Reading Room
Book Tent